Our Stories

Faith is the evidence of what I hoped for

Faith and I were childhood friends.

We drove to school together with her sister and another family (the Ajajas) almost throughout our secondary school days. We all went to ISI. During my sixteenth birthday, we took a picture together that now captures our childhood together. I remember at some point everybody used to taunt us with this song back then:

“Bade & Faith sitting on a tree … K- I – S – S- I – N – G “

But we were so different … I was the “Efico”, a bit Geeky and actively involved in school fellowship; she was the “pretty” yellow happening girl, basically cool – all round. So really we were a mismatch or so I thought.

They say every guy has a “Susan Glenn” … You see Faith was my “Susan Glenn”– Not a Girl … She was THE girl …. In my mind I was the Peasant before her Queen … creating private earthquakes when she was near… but unlike the Axe advert , in my case … we have become a “thing” . (Who is Susan Glenn? Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRB0i9-AUQs). Did I say was? …. No! She is still my Susan Glenn. She still makes my stomach rumble. She still reconstructs my body chemistry.

I remember I brought her a valentine cake when I was seventeen or so. Dorky as I was back then … I brought the cake to her house at around 8pm. (oh! teenage Bade). Interestingly even her dad remembered that cake. We saw each other briefly back then (*grin, saw- not date). I know I had promised to teach her to drive but somehow I went off to Unilag suddenly (instead of OAU – that’s a story for another day).

By the time I came back a few months later, she was gone. I could not find her. I knew her house but they had moved. I tried to locate her over that year with another very close friend who lived in the same area (another story for another day!) but none of the neighbors knew where her family now lived. There were no mobile phones back then and so Faith became the “girl that got away”. For a while.

We lost touch for about 8 years until one day right outside my church in 2007 (Unilag Chapel), someone in a car shouted my name. It was Faith. She hadn’t changed too much. She was looking as pretty as ever. She apparently lived in the same area. We exchanged phone numbers. I visited her and we kept in touch. I know you won’t believe me but there were no thoughts of a relationship of any sort. I was just glad to have a childhood friend in Lagos.

We did a poor job of staying in touch. Probably saw each other twice in a year; even though we stayed in the same area. I did most of the calling to check up on her; even threatened not to call again if she did not stay in touch. And No, I was not asking her out. She was in a relationship and I was in a long-term relationship which finally ended early 2013.

By late 2013, we started becoming very close. Getting close started with an Umbrella. How it took a grown man 5 different trips to return an umbrella is still a mystery to me. I would stroll or drive or jog and generally find myself down Ajayi street. Faith is always fun to be with. Then I invited her for some of the projects, I was working on and it went on from there. So here we were running projects together, attending church together … And No I still didn’t see her as my wife. (Blindness)

We were not ready and besides I hadn’t heard a word about us. (Yes! Some of us still believe in that strongly). I wanted us to be good friends; maybe even best friends; but I hadn’t heard God about her and besides I thought I would wait for like 5years before getting into another relationship.

So here I was in love with the girl of my dreams and I did not make a move. This went on for over a year and honestly, we were in love with each other even during that period. However, being one of those guys, I could not make a permanent decision (marriage) based on emotions. (Very unromantic. I know!). We cut communications a lot of times. It was traumatic for us. A number of our friends had given up on us. Yes! My Faith waited for me.

When the lines would fall in place in 2014; it all did so perfectly. She travelled for a while. Not long after she came back, we were finally ready. First I heard the “word” I needed. Next, I asked her out. She was still available. So she said yes. I immediately set out in planning the proposal. My next step was to ask her Parents first before asking her. I was that sure……….. God’s time is indeed the best.

I thank God I didn’t lose her. For the Christians out there like me; there is a lesson you must learn quickly in your Christian walk; you can’t live your life on what God said; you must live your life on what God is saying. I would have missed out on love in life; but for the grace of God.


To be loved and be loved in return; that is a gift from God

To marry my best friend; that is a blessing of God

To have such an amazing partner of life; this is prayers answered

Because Faith is the evidence of what I hoped for.

Oyebade Adesemowo  is my best friend; my very own prince charming. I thank God for having Faith

Having Faith  – Faith and Bade up in the tree, K .I. S. S. I. N. G ………..

Dora and Dolapo would not let me hear the last of it, every time they sang that song, I would turn beet red and Bade kept his disarming smile. Always…

A year after we graduated from secondary school and it was Valentine’s Day. As usual, he’d always been different.  He came by at about 8pm with the most gorgeous baby pink and white cake and that piqued my interest….Hmmm..so the lanky church boy could be romantic! I will never forget the conversation that ensued… he promised to teach me driving and the next day took me to meet his dad.

I went along out of curiosity as I honestly could not wrap my mind around the lanky shy nerd who suddenly had found his tongue with his secondary school crush.

Alas! Life got in the way… he was called away to resume his undergraduate studies at the university of Lagos. My folks did not own a desk phone and so communication was impossible. Ah well it was a nice and interesting dream…

My folks went ahead to move houses and…years went by, he found me on Facebook and we chatted only a couple of times in about four years.

Fast forward some time down the line…It was a pleasantly cool evening and I had gone to Unilag for a drive… The car slowed down at the University Chapel and guess who I ran into…. “Oh beautiful! How have you been, such a pleasure to see you”. And so it went on, everyone now had mobile phones and numbers were exchanged…turned out he lived in the same locality.

Stilted conversation pervaded the following years. We were both in relationships with other people and simply kept in touch. I moved houses as he did too and we both realized he lived four streets away.

Phone rings….. Bade: “Hi Faith, will you attend ‘Connected'”? “Oh really when is it?”. I didn’t keep my promise and he kept ‘trying to save my soul’. It was hilarious.

The next time he called he promised to stop trying to reach out to me. I felt guilty and promised to be a better friend.

We both faced some difficult situations individually, drifted apart, drew closer again and after months it became obvious we were deeply attracted to each other.

I paid a little more attention to him and began praying when weirdly everytime he came around it would begin to rain as he made to go and this happened so many  times that he would have to keep  returning my fave umbrella every time he visited.

The next months were my happiest because I was happy to know my heart could feel anything again until my brother passed on… I called Bade and he dropped all immediately to drive me to Ibadan. That same day, I knew for sure that he was the answer to my prayers. Suffice to say he didn’t come to the same conclusion until September 2014.

I was certain God was involved in getting us together and I simply believed in His time, He would tie up all the loose ends. I had faith and proceeded to prepare for my wedding. I  wasn’t concerned about him as I was very certain I would marry my best friend and the man of my dreams.

Heaven on Earth…This had been my favourite saying and prayer for so many years..even though I couldn’t totally visualise in my mind’s eye exactly what that phrase meant, I just knew it was possible despite all odds to seemingly ‘have it all’, to stop struggling. . to enter into your rest and live a life with peace of mind…

Honestly, the wait was difficult and all the aspects of it made me trust God completely. I can only be grateful for the forced growth and the time it allowed us to get to understand each other more. It is so assuring to be led by a man that always seeks approval from God regardless of sentiment.

Oyebade Adesemowo is my best friend and my very own Prince Charming and I thank God for HAVING Faith